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HCM is a construction company that belongs to Hidramar Group, a business group that was born in 1989 to support the industrial sector under the name Hidramar.

In 2012 we evolved to be a shipyard, opening our doors in the Port of Las Palmas as Hidramar Shipyards, with sustained growth and our reinvestment policy has allowed us to open the doors of a new shipyard on the island of Tenerife, Tenerife Shipyards.

The Group employs more than 300 people in the Canary Islands, who with passion and a commitment to excellence have placed Hidramar Group at the center of attention in the industrial and construction sector.

All this, in addition to the vision of providing support and anticipating options that satisfy the wishes and needs of our clients and the community, has allowed the group to continue growing and developing continuously, expanding its services to the real estate sector; construction, and maintenance.


At Hidramar Group we take into account that for the client it is always key that operations are carried out with transparency, on time, and without hidden costs.

Own workforce

As a strategy to minimize risks and fully comply with delivery deadlines, we employ as many of our own personnel as possible in each work; thus guaranteeing not only the quality of the results but also the development of our team. Our team is our greatest asset.

Delivery deadlines

At HCM we understand the value of time, for us, the execution time of the work is 24/7. Our purpose is to meet the project deadlines, executing the work at the time it is necessary so that you can make decisions with an absolute cherry on the delivery of your property.

No surprises

HCM customers do not encounter surprises. When evaluating your project, our technical team will inform you of any discrepancies in your project with respect to building codes, from the initial offer you will have a clear vision, no surprises, no hidden costs.

Project planning

Our technical, production, and procurement team will plan every detail of your project. Guaranteeing the stock of materials, work equipment, and technology necessary for the development of each stage of the work. Your deadlines are our religion.

Investment in process and technology

Our business policy is the constant investment in the continuous improvement of our processes and in technological equipment that makes us more efficient by optimizing construction costs.

Smart execution

Communication and transparency are vital, we maintain constant communication with our clients, in which our client will receive follow-up reports on the work so that you can make decisions on time and with absolute certainty about the execution of the entire project.

HCM Interiorismo Tenerife Shipyards

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is here to help you do not hesitate to reach out and we will offer you the support that best suits you.

Our quotes are usually valid for 90 days. If you want to proceed with a project after the quote has expired, please contact us to discuss it.

Each work is different in terms of duration and costs.
At HCM we take project planning very seriously to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises. We take into account all aspects, to avoid extra costs, there are no hidden costs, our commitment is to complete the work in the estimated time and within budget.

The foreman manages the project site location. The Production Manager of our office will be your point of contact throughout the process.

We have our own supply department, which constantly evaluates each local, national and international supplier to obtain the best price, without compromising the quality or the optimal date of material reception.

We recommend to be in touch with us and we will give you a planning of the delivery times of our works.

We keep a close communication with our clients and make sure that most situations never turn into problems.

meet our

our values

Our fundamental values ​​are based on developing our activities with integrity, always guaranteeing the safety of each member of the team and with respect for our environment, our client, and mainly our people.

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All the operations of the Hidramar Group companies are governed by the quality, environmental protection, and safety standards of the ISO standards, as well as the transparency of the TRACE anti-bribery certifications.


To become the reference company in the construction industry in the Canary Islands; through a value proposition focused on the quality of innovative construction methods, advanced project management techniques, and the most extensive use of our own personnel as a strategy for risk mitigation for delivery of our works within the agreed term; with a minimum percentage of budget variations on the initial contract proposal.


Center our strategies on high quality, compliance with the execution period, and the minimum price variation and establish as a fundamental value of the organization, a constant reinvestment of results in production means that increase quality and reduce production costs as a means to create a structure that serves as a channel for growth for all members of the organization.


Contact us, your request will be received directly by the technical team and we will attend to you as soon as possible.